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Tijuana, it’s considered as one of the most visited cities in the world; its geographic position has placed it as an investment pole and business development, nationally and foreignly.

The neighborhood with the south frontier of the United States, have elevated the importance of this borderline city in the plan’s of the national and international investment, a city where business close.

These binational activities have turned Tijuana, into a growing city, vigorous and attractive for the tourism that’s looking for spaces to realize congresses, conferences, work reunions, for education, traveling activities that are realized individually or in a group.

In between this important growth, in Hotel Quartz, we have placed ourselves to the vanguard in the tourism of reunions with highly capacitated staff for the realization of your events in modern and spacious installations that are unique in the market with the privacy and comfort that your guests deserve.

The Most Visited City In The World

The borderline cross The Chaparral-San Ysidro, according To the Metropolitan Center for Economic and Business Information (CEMDI), is the most trancitated in the world, with more than 30 millions crosses total by year. Also add to this la garita international of Otay, considered the second most relevant in the Mexico – United States borderline, for the cargo trucks.

This dynamism of a frontier city has given Tijuana a profile of a host city, with a wide service vocation. In the Hotel Quartz, we share the same spirit, because of this we are prepared with the logistic and infrastructure necessary so that your event is a total success

Tijuana Principal Receiver Of Medical Tourism

The health attention is a flourishing market and the city of Tijuana is cataloged as one of the leading receiver of medical tourism in Mexico and second place in the world, which brought important developments and infrastructures to give attention to that growing population, especially from United States that they found in this city, professional attention, with quality and to a lower cost.

The medical tourism has detonated a particular interest for businessmen, health professionals, students, and a spectrum of services and providers that are invested in this sector that, at least during the closure of the border because of the Covid pandemic, that left an economic spill in the state of Baja California of 1.2 billion dollars.

First Places In Convention Tourism

Between the rapid growth of this sector, the need for spaces to do congresses and conventions bloom. Tijuana occupies one of the first places nationally in this entry and in Hotel Quartz we count with one of the biggest saloons of the city, and seven more with state-of-the-art facilities ready to carry on your event with highly capacitated staff in each of the areas and available security at all time.

Doing business at the border has its advantages, like low production cost, a different consumer behavior, binational development benefits and a constant growth in almost every area, among other important aspects.

An example of growth, is the manpower available in the factory industry of almost 30 thousand seats in the coastal area of Baja California, the majority in installed industries in Tijuana, which reflects the big international industries trust that have their look in this region.

A Wellbeing Experience

In view of a valuable number of collaborators from the diverse work environments, Hotel Quartz, has the solution for business meetings, celebrations or social events for the number of people that require large spaces and safety and over all, a quality service.

In Hotel Quartz, we care for your tranquility, because of this our collaborators are highly capacitated to take care of every detail of your event, while you use your time in your own activities.

We are sure that in our vanguard installations and fully equipped your guests will fully enjoy their stay while you take the credit for the best host.

We are aware that your event is also a business card, the events in Hotel Quartz, are performed under the highest quality standards, our experts will take care of every detail so that your stay and your guesses are the most pleasant posible, in any of the 8 montages that we offer.

We Are At The Vanguard

In Hotel Quartz, we are the best option, we are located in the heart and center of the economic development of Tijuana, in one of the safest zones in the city and a few meters from the International garita of San Ysidro.

If this doesn’t seem enough, we are also a few minutes from the International airport Abelardo L. Rodrigez, and the Cross Border Xpress (CBX), a pedestrian bridge of 120 meters long, exclusive for the international airport of Tijuana passengers that allows crossing the border between Mexico and the United States.

The events in Hotel Quartz, are a mix of elegance, in an avant-garde environment, with the haute cuisine that beats the highest hygiene and quality standards, besides bedrooms with SMART ROOM system, only ones in the city, to accommodate your guests.

They Will Remember You As The Best Host

Either because of rest, fun, work, or whichever is the reason of your stay in Tijuana, remember that, in Hotel Quartz, we are your safest business center, we commissioned the logistic and the realization of your event and we are more than prepared to serve you the way you deserve and your guests will surely remember you as the best host.

Ensure the Success of your Business